[Bf-committers] Release... almost there?

Tom M letterrip at gmail.com
Mon Feb 12 21:23:51 CET 2007

> - Tom: are all docs you wanted to collect in wiki or in cms?

No, but I have two difficult exams this week, one of which is tomorrow
so at most I'll be able to get an hours worth or two in.

At the bottom of this page list the state of the various wiki pages


=======Ready for CMS=========  Just not transfered over yet.
========Close to ready ========== this means that the text is fine,
but it might be nice to have new or updated images, or may require
slight screenshot updates.  We could release with them 'as is' without

Multi Resolution Mesh
Sculpting Tools
Action Editor Improvements
IPO Editor Improvements
NLA Editor Improvements
Armature Improvements/Fixes
ID Properties
Game Engine Physics

==far from ready==

The 'far from ready' generally look fairly incomplete

==ones we can possibly kill==
Bug fixes

==ones that can be replaced with a sentence or two==
Build System

==ones I can't find adequate info on==
Mesh Editing
UV Tools
Texture Brushes
Material Nodes

==ones that probably have adequate docs 'somewhere' but not linked
from the release notes page==

Compositing Nodes (I think bob said he did docs for all the new stuff,
but haven't searched yet for to find the link)
Sequencer (there was a major update to using the sequencer in the wiki
which i think covers the new features)

==has volunteer==
Soft Bodies (joeedh volunteered to do this last night if he has time)

== need some clean up and/or volunteers==
Rigid Bodies (probably merge or replace with Game Engine Physics?)

Game Engine Graphics and Logic (not much there...)

== a number of small unsorted scraps that need a home ==

>   (I will do the boring go-over-cvs-commits task)



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