[Bf-committers] Builds

Rui Campos rcampos at fusemail.com
Mon Feb 12 18:54:44 CET 2007

Hi Tom,

The builds on BlenderBuilds are already online, so you can expect
additional testing on them.

Additionally, I am almost done with the new Linux chroot and this February
build already uses it. The differences for the official Linux builds are:
- FFMPEG statically linked with additional libraries:
-- H264 built-in (with x264 lib).
-- XVid built-in (with xvidcore lib).
-- MP3 built-in (with mp3lame lib).
- Additional libraries also statically linked:
-- GetText built-in.
-- Freetype2 built-in.
-- OpenAL and ALut built-in.

Adding more to it, the new script for building also compiles optimized
builds on demand, meaning:
- i586 default build.
- i586 debug build.
- i686 SSE optimized build.
- i686 SSE2 optimized build.
- i686 SSE3 optimized build.
- i686 3DNow optimized build.

Once I get good feedback on the builds I will submit the new chroot for
usage instead of the current one.

Some primary tests by users mentioned some minor quirks on ffmpeg inside
Blender, on the output. If we weren't so near release I would ask Peter
Schaile to check it and see what might be the problem, but in this case I
will wait for release to be out and then poke about it.


-- Rui --

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