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Hi Matt,

Actually the EU *might* care about open movies! Afaik, currently there is
quite a bit of funds being pumped into the EU media industry all the way
from training/workshops/courses pre-production funds, as well as production
funds (Look up 'Media Desk'). Who qualifies and for how much is country
dependent. Basically the smaller and newer the media market is in that
country the higher a percentage the EU will fund for that country's
projects. The whole point is to pump money into the industry, give it a
boost and help it grow in same way that the U.S had done to Hollywood in its
infancy. Unfortunately, being a government scheme means lots of paperwork
the parties that decide to take advantage etc - but they do seem to be eager
to give out the funds!

Blender is a means to facilitate such productions and is especially useful
for EU countries where animation is a very young (if at all existent)
In these countries, the workforce is more likely to be self taught and
hobbyist bred rather than professionally trained and clients can rarely
justify the costs which would be paid in the stronger markets (Eg UK London
studios) - although they still expect the same quality of work!!  Good
quality, free tools which allow for professional productions to keep
production costs down (without resorting to illegal software use) should
therefore be a great asset to small and developing studios in emerging

Blender would fit that strategy IMO:

-EU funds Blender Development.
-Blender develops, improves and becomes more readily adopted for
'commercial'/'professional' work
-Young/New EU media studios grow because they have legal/cheaper means to
produce expected high quality work.
-European Animation industry grows.
-EU has succeeded in boosting European industry and therefore investment in
step-one has paid off!

(...and everybody who doesn't have paperwork to do is happy!) ;)

The above is obviously very simplified, optimistic and a small part of the
bigger picture - but seems to me to be very much in line with one of the
things the EU wants - in theory...


Subject: [Bf-committers] Re: EU have a dream? Blender in 2012!

> On 07/02/2007, at 3:57 AM, Kent Mein wrote:
> > In reply to Brecht Van Lommel (brechtvanlommel at pandora.be):
> >
> > Probably doesn't need saying but I second everything Brecht said.
> Ditto, and ditto again for me too.
>  From what I remember, that's what got the EU to let Blender be a
> part of the Verse project- to be the practical application of that
> research and development they're financing, so it doesn't just end up
> as wasted money floating around in academia.
> As mentioned before I really doubt the EU cares very much about
> making open movies or about how many users Blender has compared to
> other apps. What they would care about is getting a 'return' on their
> investments in the academic world - so the EU citizens that they're
> supposed to represent actually can derive value from the taxes that
> they're indirectly spending on academic research.
> Matt
> (who would love to see more of the interesting things in Eurographics
> papers happening in Blender ;)
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> Matt Ebb . matt at mke3.net . http://mke3.net
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