[Bf-committers] Re: EU have a dream? Blender in 2012!

Emanuel Greisen blender at emanuelgreisen.dk
Wed Feb 7 09:50:58 CET 2007

> As mentioned before I really doubt the EU cares very much about making 
> open movies or about how many users Blender has compared to other 
> apps. What they would care about is getting a 'return' on their 
> investments in the academic world - so the EU citizens that they're 
> supposed to represent actually can derive value from the taxes that 
> they're indirectly spending on academic research.
First, looking at the budget of movies made in Denmark, I see that quite 
a lot of taxes end up in these (free) movies already. So at least in the 
north, a lot of money go into movies already. If blender could be used 
here to lessen the cost on movies overall or maybe even increase the 
quality then EU would see a return on their investment.

Second, I am currently working on a game-engine/editor for educational 
purposes, and one of the main features that will make it useful in 
education (where the EU could lessen costs somewhere) is that it is 
easily extensible. This means that any one can write completely new code 
that "becomes part of the core" as an extension, very easily. Brecht 
mentioned it, I will just second him. Making blender more "open" by 
documenting the core and making a general API for extending it would 
make blender a number one choice for many projects in the area of 
computer graphics. You get all the nice tools that blender has, and you 
can "integrate" your own code into it easily. I am convinced the EU 
would fund a project that sets out to mature an already existing 
application so that it will bring down the time spend by university 
professors and students every day by giving them a good framework where 
they could do their research.


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