[Bf-committers] Status... rc3?

Erwin Coumans erwin at erwincoumans.com
Sun Feb 4 17:51:27 CET 2007

-> game engine seems to crash on exit?

Since when did this start happening? Was this issue also in Blender 2.43 RC1 
and/or RC2?
More details on which platforms are affected, which python versions, and 
which .blend files (all?).

I haven't made any changes since RC2.

Thanks a lot,

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> Hi,
> The web team is progressing, but the new servers are not there yet  (will 
> be after weekend). That means that during next week most of  website work 
> will happen.
> I'd propose to not release before that... not to frustrate the web  team, 
> but also to have a brand new website + servers to testdrive a  release 
> with!
> We also have to verify the status; are there showstoppers?
> -> game engine seems to crash on exit?
> -> python version is 2.4 definite?
> And... eh, is there an RC3 needed? I would just do so.
> -Ton-
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