[Bf-committers] GameEngine Crash on exit (was: (Desperate) Argh?! GE Multitexturing in Linux?)

Stefan Gartner stefang at aon.at
Thu Feb 1 22:58:47 CET 2007

(CCing bf-committers because not everyone might read bf-funboard)

On Thursday, 1. February 2007 14:45, Carsten Wartmann wrote:
> Alexander Ewering wrote:
> > On Thu, 1 Feb 2007, Carsten Wartmann wrote:
> >> I am "quite" sure it worked before?!
> >>
> >> I tried and tried, thinking of an error by me but then I noticed:
> >>
> >> Error: libGL.so: invalid mode for dlopen(): Invalid argument
> >
> > I had exactly that error before and it was fixed in CVS a few days later.
> > Seems like it re-broke then...
> Eeek, no!
> I did not update CVS since a while because the GameEngine Crash on exit....
> /me lowers panic level

Do the GE developers know about the crashes? I noticed the same earlier today 
and it seems to be python related. I think this should be fixed for the 
upcoming release...

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