[Bf-committers] 2.45 release - py script problems

Jean-Luc Peurière jlp at nerim.net
Fri Aug 24 17:01:29 CEST 2007

Le 24 Aug 2007 à 16:42, Ken Hughes a écrit :

> Stephen Swaney wrote:
>>   Python 2.3 is the lowest version we claim Blender will use.
>>   This requirement is mainly due to OSX.
> IIRC, didn't we decide in a Sunday IRC meeting (and even Ton agreed)
> that OSX users would just have to deal with 2.4 being the minimum
> supported version and upgrade python on their own?  I know we've been
> around and around on this issue, but thought we decided anyone smart
> enough to figure out Blender should be smart enough to figure out  
> how to
> install Python.

A solution is to ship a full python 2.5 framework inside blender bundle.

problem it is rather big.

Or give the link to the correct package on blender download

and let user instal in /lib/framework. But then you cannot anymore  
put blender on an usb key

and run it anywhere.

i would rather not ship a limited package (as on window), which could  
lead to site path problems

on Os X.

Also blender on Os X is install less, and i would rather keep it that  

Now the real question, is what gives py2.4 or py2.5 that is so  
mandatory ?

Tony quizz about the utility on the module in aforementioned should  
be answered too.

Jean-Luc Peurière
jlp at nerim.net

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