[Bf-committers] [11601] branches/soc-2007-mosani/source: Getting the render api branch to compile with Makefiles.

GSR gsr.b3d at infernal-iceberg.com
Thu Aug 23 23:11:29 CEST 2007

two.a.ron at gmail.com (2007-08-23 at 0328.32 -0700):
> So you're saying that all my line terminators are \r\n instead of just
> \n ? I searched with regular expressions in /RND_internal.c for \r and
> didn't come up with anything. I'm not exactly sure how I should fix
> this problem, assuming it still exists.

It was fixed by Chris, that is why it is not visible anymore, but it
was there, you can check yourself with "svn up -r11601 RND_internal.c"
then emacs or vim will show the ^M in some lines (not all). FYI, it is
not tagged as text with native EOL yet, so the issue could come back.
There is a report to fix some SVN tags, like files marked as binary
when they are text and so on (in trunk and others, not just

Others have posted multiple scripts, assuming you do not have tools
like dos2unix already, in case more files need EOL fixing. Tag fixing
can also be scripted (tho better generate lists of things to fix, and
review manually, it is not so straigthforward due no extension or
abused ones, etc).

Proper solution would be adding things to the repo as they should, not
clean up later. The effort is minimal, it is just enabling some
options in SVN clients, or with more work, setting up a checker in SVN
server to abort any commit with wrong values... it could also impose
log rules, as a plus. Someone was complaing about the extra work
looking up what each commit was (for articles and release notes), due
non standard drafting style, right?


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