[Bf-committers] Questions regarding adding new mesh, primitive

Rodrigo Hernandez kwizatz at aeongames.com
Thu Aug 23 17:34:07 CEST 2007

Thank you :)

I know scripts can be contributed, I felt Roland's reply was opposing 
the idea of adding the primitive
as a whole which was what prompted my "script that never sees the light 
of day" remark.


Campbell Barton wrote:
> Since patch looks well written and resulting meshes could be big enough 
> to be slow in python - Id be happy to your patch accepted,.
> By the way - you can write a script and have it included with blender, 
> (not just for your own use)
> Rodrigo Hernandez wrote:
>> Fine, I don't want to be argumentative, but, if in fact
>> the icosphere was a Python Script, I would have just
>> gone that route, so in following with your response,
>> can you name a single instance in which you think
>> the icosphere primitive has demonstrated repeatedly
>> usefulness to a large majority  of users that is not in
>> any way also applicable to the octasphere or any
>> other geodesic for that matter? if you can't,
>> I propose the icosphere be demoted to a script as well.
>> I know what you're getting at though, you don't want code
>> pollution, and I think thats valid, I don't mind writing a script
>> only I would use, but to me is wasted time I could have saved
>> if someone had already written and added it to the project.
>> Anyway, I am just expressing my opinion here, if it should be
>> a script that never sees the light of day, so be it, the patch is
>> already there if anyone cares about it.
>> Thanks.
>> Roland Hess wrote:
>>> Really, I think that this is inappropriate for inclusion in main 
>>> Blender. In fact, this is one of the reasons that the ability to do 
>>> Python-based primitives is there: small-audience and personal 
>>> usefulness. It's certainly useful to you and the small group of other 
>>> people who will follow that same book. But really, if you want it as a 
>>> primitive, use the Python method. And, if lots of people really really 
>>> want to use this book with Blender, it would take all of ten seconds to 
>>> post a .blend file with the octosphere already in it.
>>> I would think that only primitives with a demonstrated, repeated 
>>> usefulness to a large majority of users will be added to the primitives 
>>> list in the sources.
>>>> The reason why I want to add this primitive is because its used by Paul 
>>>> Steed in his
>>>> book "*Modelling* a Character in 3DS Max" for the character's head, if 
>>>> Blender had the
>>>> primitive, I am sure the book can be followed using it instead of Max.
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