[Bf-committers] Fwd: Russian letters in Text Exitor window and in Browser Window

sheep sheepzilla at gmail.com
Thu Aug 16 12:25:51 CEST 2007

Hi, I talked with you a little on IRC yesterday.

The attached patch will let you use any font you like in the text 
editor, by selecting it as the ui font, but it will be very buggy unless 
the font is a fixed width one. I don't have any linux graphics drivers 
that work at the moment, so I won't compile a binary,  I don't think 
you'd find compiling on Linux very difficult though.


Jury Azovtzev wrote:
> I'm a russian blender community member and we are looking for medium 
> to solve some problems with russian letter in blender.
> We have problems with russian letter in Python cripting Window 
> (strange chars not russian, nor any other language i know).
> There is a problem with russian letter in Browse Windows. All russian 
> folders and files unreadable.
> But when you make 3D Text with right font - all is greate - you get 
> Cyrilic text in rendered image.
> We tryed to load font with russian letter as UI Font  - it dosn't 
> help. People says there is an offset of letter  Blender Use ans Right 
> Letters it should be.  Tests  was made in Ubuntu Linux, Windows XP,  
> Gentoo.
> Is it any way to solve the problem?
> Does someone support this part of the project?
> Is it any documentation about this part of the Blender?
> -- 
> With best regards.
> Azovtzev Jury
> ForceTeam NNLUG
> www.forceteam.nnov.ru <http://www.forceteam.nnov.ru>
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