[Bf-committers] Render Plugin Development

Mathias Wein lynx at aspect-design.de
Wed Aug 15 20:21:16 CEST 2007

Campbell Barton wrote:
> I assume you mean "before you can access them"?

Oops...double negation...yes, i need to access them,
*from the render plugin*. Of course i can access them inside
blender...but how would i get them through the render API?

> You can edit ID properties from the help menu, as well as in python and 
> C. Access isnt pretty right now but if the help menu ID-Props editor is 
> too cumbersome you could write your own settings editor in python 
> without too much trouble.

we do have a yaf(a)ray script already...still a rather poor integration
UI-wise though. But the far bigger problem is getting the render access
from blender without hacking all the stuff right into blender's guts 
that's basically the roadblock for an official release of the restructured
yafray code...no one is able to use it without using a patched blender
(or writing XML files by hand...)

Oh about the stability, for me the whole thing also crashes sooner
or later when enabling the "Render API" button, sometimes printing
blender warnings about corrupted memory blocks before...

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