[Bf-committers] BlendX, blender game engine rewrite

Samuel Anjam samuel_anjam at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 4 12:47:28 CEST 2007


Some time ago I started a project, namely BlendX, which aims to rewrite the 
current GE of blender. Here is a little overview about it:

BlendX, blender game engine rewrite.
The goal is to rewrite the current BGE by replicating most of it's current 
features and adding more features found in todays up to date 3d engines. 
Such features are, full screen post processing, true bone animation, 
advanced dynamics system (physics/collision/particles, including real rag 
dolls) and real-time shadows. Also the current logics system will be 
replaced with a similar, but more organized and advanced logics system.

For more information, visit the wiki: 

Samuel Anjam

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