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Joe Eagar joeedh at gmail.com
Thu Aug 2 10:56:55 CEST 2007

Eh, actually on further testing the weird behavior I was having with my 
rig when using dual quarternions isn't happening anymore. . .I thought 
it was just how dual quarterneons worked, but I guess not, you must've 
fixed a bug or something between the last patch release and when you 


Joe Eagar wrote:
> Brecht Van Lommel wrote:
>>> Are you planning on having this be a per-bone option eventually?
>> I have considered it, yes. But it does not entirely make sense as a 
>> per bone option, since it is about interpolation between bones, so it 
>> is something you would want to tweak per joint, but that is not 
>> clearly defined here. It could be done per bone, using quats if any or 
>> all bones have it set, or maybe mixing both interpolation types. I 
>> don't know how useful that would be in practice.. it will depend on 
>> the feedback I get.
>> Brecht.
> Oh ok.  I was just asking because it'd be convenient for using dual 
> quats in existing rigs, especially since certain rigs
> can only be done correctly with them (more notably upper arm 
> interpolating rigs).
> Joe
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