[Bf-committers] Windows RC2 / Major GE problem ( may be other OSs also ) - confirmed as showstopper

Mal Mal malachyduffin at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 18:13:22 CEST 2007

This but has been confirmed on blenderartists.org, and on a
non-Windows platform also.


This is definitely a show-stopper for release - is it maybe because
the Blender Player hasn't been re-compiled?  Has anyone got any ideas
how to fix it?


On 7/31/07, Mal Mal <malachyduffin at gmail.com> wrote:
> I just posted this under a different subject, and realised that maybe
> the subject didn't reflect the severity of the problem for the RC
> builds!
> --------------------------------------
> I'm teaching a course this week on Blender and the Game Engine, and am
> using the latest RC 2 for windows.
> I just showed one of the class how to create a stand-alone version of
> their game ( something I was going to show to everyone on Thursday ),
> and it doesn't seem to work!
> Can some-one else try to create a stand-alone EXE on Windows to
> confirm the bug?  This was definitely working for the previous
> version(s).
> Load up Blender ( just the default screen ), the Save Runtime into a
> folder, copy all of the .DLLs into the same folder, and run the EXE.
> Instead of seeing the 3D scene, you get a list of command line options!
> Hopefully this is easy to fix, and doesn't occur on other OS's other
> than Windows.
> Best regards...
> Mal

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