[Bf-committers] Animation Baking Take II

Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Sat Apr 28 12:11:03 CEST 2007

Hi Roland,


It still confuses me though... the wiki text mixes up end-user  
expectations and implementation ideas too much. You might separate that  
more (ignore implementation ideas altogether?).

The wording also confuses me... "key framed motion", what is that? I  
guess you mean the object Ipo, and not Shape keys? What is a path +  
speed-ipo, "key framed motion" too? Or what is a lattice with hooks?

Another issue I need to know is "why". What do you require baking for,  
and which situations really? That is crucial information for being able  
to implement and design features well.
It is well possible you use this baking feature to solve weak parts of  
Blender animation design? In that case we better solve other design  

Lastly, the proposal doesn't mention animation systems (dozens of  
related objects). How to "bake" that, and again whatfor precisely?

In my idea, we need a really thorough design session once on the  
Blender (character) animation system. It has severe weak parts that  
block me from adding improvements or new features. I also lost the big  
picture or design direction here... :)


On 26 Apr, 2007, at 13:31, Roland Hess wrote:

> Howdy howdy howdy.
> Although animation baking worked with the special BlenderPeople build
> last year, it was hacky at best. As you probably know, by the time you
> finish a project, you're actually ready to do it properly, and no
> sooner. So, I'm revisiting animation baking and conversion from the
> ground up, hopefully with a more robust approach, and one that will be
> solid enough for the main tree.
> To that end, my structured proposal and thoughts are now on the wiki
> (and oh, how I hate wiki):
> http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/BlenderDev/AnimationBaking
> Expand that with your thoughts, feature requests, structural concerns  
> or
> ideas and critiques.
> Roland Hess -- harkyman
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