[Bf-committers] Patch 6402 Bug in IDProperty handling

Hannu Parviainen hannu at astro.helsinki.fi
Thu Apr 19 17:51:07 CEST 2007

I got this one figured out, and made a bug report (ID:6590) . There's a 
problem with the
IDP_ResizeArray(...) function in idprop.c. IDP_Resizearray(...) allocates
0 bytes for the new string, since idp_size_table for strings is set to zero.

> Anyway, could you post the code for RM_GetPropertyPointer?  Also, you 
> probably need to set the id property len property of the string to the 
> string's length + 1.  Strings in ID properties are always assumed to 
> have the correct string_property->len set; this might be a bad idea, 
> and one I might be able to do away with via the magic of MEM_alloc_len.

Hannu Parviainen
University of Helsinki

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