[Bf-committers] Linux, Windowed by default (patch, needs discussion)

D.J. Capelis djcapelis at gmail.com
Mon Apr 9 13:25:21 CEST 2007

My preference is we make it behave the same on all the platforms.  If
that means windowed mode that's perfectly fine with me, but currently
Linux has been using fullscreen for some time and there are other
platforms using it to.

So can we decide one way or another and implement it on all the
platforms so we at least have a consistent default?

Also, a cursory glance at this patch seemed to indicate to me that it
didn't just change the default for linux... it appeared to apply what we
currently do under just windows to all platforms.  (Which, again, is
perfectly fine with me, but let us look at this from a global issue with
a goal of making it consistent.)

Which would mean that the OSX, BSD, Solaris, IRIX and heck, maybe even
the mobile guys are involved.  (Though personally I can understand why
we might have a different behavior on mobile devices, perhaps any
patches to address this should keep that in mind...)

Or did I read something wrong?

On Mon, 2007-04-09 at 21:10 +1000, Campbell Barton wrote:
> Hi, We need to discuss making windowed default on linux (rather then 
> fullscreen)
> - obvious reasons, make it easy for the new user and advanced users can 
> make it fullscreen if they like.
> The patch makes blender work like Windows (mac too?)
> blender -W # will run fullscreen, otherwise windowed
> http://projects.blender.org/tracker/?func=detail&atid=127&aid=6391&group_id=9
> Below is some discussion from the bf-funboard ML
> Kent Mein wrote:
>  > I wouldn't have a problem with this, I have an alias setup so that I
>  > always open blender in a window.  I also think that most linux
>  > users are use to applications starting up non fullscreen, and if
>  > every other platform starts up windowed I think its a good idea to 
> change it.
>  > (Especially if it removes a couple of lines of code in the source, 
> simpler
>  > is better)
>  >
>  > If its not changed I can live with that though too. ;)
>  >
>  > Kent
> Jason van Gumster wrote:
>  > My personal preference is to go borderless and fullscreen (in fact, I
>  > often find myself wishing this were possible on other OS's).  However,
>  > whatever the default behavior is doesn't bother me as long as I
>  > have some way to get to my precious borderless set up. :)
>  >
>  >   -Fweeb
> (Davide Vercelli - Agree's)
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