[Bf-committers] Hints for building bf-blender on Mac OS X with scons

jonathan ferguson jdpf at edumetrics.org
Sat Sep 30 05:19:33 CEST 2006


For future reference, I have a few pointers for others trying to get  
bf-blender to build on OSX Tiger with scons:

Use gcc_select to choose gcc-4.0.1 as the default compiler.

Move or remove any installed SDL libs in the /usr/local/ tree. For  
some mysterious reason, the linker would always see these libs and  
ignore the libsdl versions lukep put into the ../lib tree. If you get  
conflicts with OpenAL, you'll know the linker is not seeing the ../ 
lib path. One could argue that, ideally, the install script would  
test for such an install--- and avoid it--- but i gave up my  
experiments with that (and hacking sdl-config) because the linker  
would never see the proper path, even when hardcoded into user- 
config.py. <sigh> When i moved the SDL libs aside, it all worked as  
expected. :D

Download, build, and install openexr (in the default location of /usr/ 
local/) directly from openexr.org.

Don't try to use ports or fink to install other dependencies, use  
the ../lib dependency tree.

And after it builds, find the Xcode project in blender/make/ 

have a nice day.yad

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