[Bf-committers] Recent features UI feedback/review

jojospino at tiscali.it jojospino at tiscali.it
Mon Sep 25 10:22:45 CEST 2006

HI to all,I'm Giuseppe Canino(Renderdemon on elysiun),
In MHO before fixing ui problems related to normals maps we should  
make a bit more robust and flexible the tangent computation(needed for 
normal map and anisotropic shading),because now is uncorrected(i have 
made some comparison with maya and the results are different).
The current implementation has problem on uv seams,because the tangents
(computed per vertex)are shared(interpolated) every where on the uv 
space,making on seams the resuls wrong.
But they should be shared only per uv island(only if the vertex share 
the same island the tangent should be interpolated).
I don't have the right confidence with blender source  code to change 
this behaviour,this task should be done directly from Ton or another 
experienced coder(and  I want to work to something else).
I have tryed myself,doing this in python(I have made a script to 
compute the tangents on a per uvisland),but the system became to 
complex to be used,and i need to fix some problems.
Please don't ignore this post,I'm working now on a method to compute 
subsurfacescattering which can be very interesting(and fast),but 
without a correct tangent computations(per uv island)it cannot be used 
on deformed mesh.



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