[Bf-committers] Recent features UI feedback/review

Alfredo de Greef eeshlo at yahoo.com
Mon Sep 25 06:33:55 CEST 2006

--- Matt Ebb <matt at mke3.net> wrote:
> Tangent Space normal mapping
> -----------------------------
> There are problems with the 'NMap TS' button (of
> which the TS only  
> shows up on nothing less than an enormous buttons
> window) Firstly,  
> the name is very un-descriptive. It's also for
> choosing whether the  
> map represents normals in tangent space or object
> space, so it should  
> be a set of two buttons representing the choice
> between two options,  
> not an on/off toggle.
> Whether the normal map represents normals in tangent
> space or object  
> space (or some other space?) is part of the
> 'encoding' of the colour  
> representation on the image - it's something that's
> specific to a  
> particular image, not to the entire material. The
> button is in the  
> wrong place - it should *not* be at the material
> level, and should be  
> in the texture buttons with the other 'normal map'
> toggle that is to  
> do with the same concept: what those coloured pixels
> in the image  
> actually mean. Other controls, such as a menu for
> choosing what  
> 'style' of normal map it is, i.e. the variations in
> what colours/ 
> mappings different apps produce, can live here too.
> It doesn't belong  
> at the material level, and certainly not in the
> Shaders panel either.

All of the above is of course extremely obvious, and
it is not because I haven't thought of all that
myself, but once again is all because of the
unfinished state of the (quickly thrown together)
patch. It was kind of surprising actually to see the
'NMap TS' button still in the same place, I would have
thought that would at least have been modified.
There was some reason I did put it temporarily in the
material button section, but can't quite remember why
that was anymore (created patch sometime earlier this
Sorry for all this, but as I said before, I didn't
really think the patch was going to be integrated as
is without modification.

I was hoping that renderdemon was going to take it up
from here, but I think he has given up on it
unfortunately, from what I can understand at least on
the Italian kino3d forum...


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