[Bf-committers] Re: handcrafted makefiles, autotools, scons and cmake ?

Chris Want cwant at ualberta.ca
Mon Sep 18 18:30:26 CEST 2006

Gilbert, Joseph T. wrote:
> First of all I'd like to say thx for working on such a complex build
> system.
> I have built the VC2003 7.1 blender from Cmake (the IDE 7.1 not the free
> version). I had no problems with the build (including the resource icon
> issue mentioned earlier). However there are a few areas that need to be
> addressed:
> 1- The source tree is a mess. Cmake throws files and directories all
> over the blender/source tree like a wild kid. Even from the time of the
> obj/ directory there has been an effort to keep the "crap" out of the
> source tree. (other than makefiles). Both Scons and the vc7/vc8 project
> files put all the linker intermediate files in a separate directory tree
> called build/xxx, where xxx = the build type. vc7 uses the build/msvc_7
> directory to store .obj files for instance. 
> If I want to delete that 1-2gigs of .obj files, I have to search through
> the source tree now (or delete the whole things and do and update from
> cvs).  Notice that the vc7/vc6 projectfiles reside in their own tree
> structures rather than living inside the source tree (as is the usual
> Microsoft custom).
> There is a 1) buildfile directory 2) a sourcefile directory 3) a build
> output directory. 

Hi Joseph,

Regarding the messy source tree, you can build in a
different directory. For example, I create an empty
directory called bf-target next to the blender directory,
I cd there, and I run: ccmake ../blender. This will
create all the makefiles, etc within the bf-target
directory, keeping the blender sources clean.
I haven't tried with msvc so maybe there are additional
issues though.


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