[Bf-committers] Re: handcrafted makefiles, autotools, scons and cmake ?

Chris Want cwant at ualberta.ca
Sun Sep 17 23:33:14 CEST 2006

Hi Jacques,

It looks promising, but my build failed (make). As such, I
have yet to test the re-build time, which in my estimation will
be an important gauge of cmake's usefulness. Also, I'm not sure
how difficult this system is to maintain (for example, can a
person just add a C file to a directory and expect it to
build, or do they have to name each file somewhere?).

Here are the issues I encountered:

* in the tar file there is extern/verse/dist/mkprot/CMakeLists.txt,
but sometime during my previous build with make there was a
file created called extern/verse/dist/mkprot, and this caused
the extraction of the tarball to fail.

* my build fails because there is no option to exclude openal
and I don't have openal installed

* I use the nice 'ccmake' tool for a curses interface to
configure the sources. Each time I press 'c' to configure,
I get a warning that essentially says:

CMake produced the following output:

  Configuring library bf_soundsystem

  Configuring library bf_string

  Configuring library bf_ghost

I then have to press 'e' to exit the help dialog.

My guess is that you aren't handling output (like stdio/stderr)
correctly in your cmake files. Other projects that use cmake
(e.g. VTK) don't give such messages.

I guess I would be a bit more reluctant to add this to
CVS until we get more feedback from others testing the
system -- we've gone through a lot of build systems in
CVS as it is, and my feeling is that we should be sure
that it's the right way to go before adding another one.
Despite my hesitant feelings, it does look promising though.


Jacques Beaurain wrote:
> Hi,
> Here is my latest progress with the CMake system. I now have the
> following compiled and tested on my side (I indicate the command line
> from the out of source cmake-build directory that I described in my
> previous mails):
> 1. Linux (Ubuntu Edgy)
>    cmake -G "Unix Makefiles"  ../blender
>        Works with all options except Quicktime enabled
>    cmake -G "KDevelop3"
>         Works but KDevelop crashes indexing the sources,
>         this looks like a KDevelop bug and it also happens on FreeBSD
> 2. FreeBSD 6.1
>    cmake -G "Unix Makefiles"  ../blender
>        Works with all options except Quicktime enabled
>    cmake -G "KDevelop3"  ../blender
>         Works but KDevelop crashes indexing the sources,
>         this looks like a KDevelop bug and it also happens on Linux
> 3. Mac OSX (Only Intel tested)
>    cmake -G "Unix Makefiles"  ../blender
>        Works with all options
>    cmake -G "Xcode"
>        Works with all options
> 3. Windows
>    cmake -G "Visual Studio 8 2005"  ..\blender
>        Works with all options except Quicktime enabled (but should if
> the SDK is installed)
>        There is a debug only  linking failure with the OpenEXR
> libraries (we will need to
>        submit Debug static libraries into the lib folder to resolve
> this and it is not really a
>        problem with the CMake system. I now link to the static
> libraries in lib (and not
>        lib_msvc) which seems to work with 2005 so the other problem 
> reported by
>        Stéphane should be  resolved.
>    cmake -G "NMake Makefiles"  ..\blender
>        Did not actually test this myself but Stéphane reported that
> this works fine with
>        the Free MSVC7.0 except for a problem with the winblender.rc
> which does not
>        seem to be a problem with the CMake files but rather the
> resource compiler in the
>        free toolkit.
> Any chance this can make it into CVS so that other people can start
> using it and possibly finetune for different systems?
> 1. Mac OSX Resources in the .app folders
> 2. Packagers to help with building releases and test installs (CPack)
> 3. Iron out small differences between systems using the
> platform/target specific flags.
> Cheers,
> Jacques
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