[Bf-committers] Verse 2005 Errors

Emil Brink emil at obsession.se
Thu Sep 14 16:28:39 CEST 2006

Jacques Beaurain wrote:
> Hi,
> Working on the CMake builds I included Verse on a Visual Studio 2005
> build. I received the following types of errors:
> b:\blender\extern\verse\dist\v_gen_pack_g_node.c(239) : error C2177:
> constant too big
> The patch included seems to fix it although I am not sure if the MS
> compiler is wrong on this. The maximum for float is supposed to be
> that value. Any thoughts?

Hi again.

We've been talking quite a bit in mail, irc, and face to face about this
issue now, and I think the minimal fix we're planning for the next Verse
release is to simply change the float constant to something that works

So, it would be most helpful if you could check your <float.h> include
file with that compiler, and let me know the exact value is says for
the FLT_MAX and DLB_MAX constants.

If those two literals result in the same binary numbers as the matching
constants (with different, larger, literals) found on other platforms,
we'll simply go with the lower one.

Feel free to reply with the values, if you have a moment to dig them up,
either here or off-list. Thanks in advance.



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