[Bf-committers] Verse 2005 Errors

Emil Brink emil at obsession.se
Fri Sep 8 19:35:45 CEST 2006

Tony Agee wrote:
> Last month, when Verse was merged, I brought up this error.
> There is discussion on both the bf-committer's list and the verse
> developer's list on the matter. 
> In a nutshell, at the heart of Verse is the assumption that MAX_FLOAT is the
> same across platforms, which it is not. The value is used in the network
> data stream to signal exceptional conditions. By changing it, you have only
> ensured that your Windows Verse build will not communicate with a Linux, Or
> Mac Verse build. A fix being debated among the Verse developers is to
> replace the use of MAX_FLOAT with NAN.

That is an amazingly well-informed summary of the situation, thanks a lot

It's a very unfortunate bug, and I really hope we can resolve it. Especially
since Eskil, who of course invented Verse and has final say on everything, seems
to want to put together a new release soon. I would hate it if that release
hadn't resolved this issue.

Sorry for causing trouble to all you Blenders, I hope you can hang in there and
give as a while more to try and work this out.



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