[Bf-committers] Verse 2005 Errors

Tony Agee tonyagee at cox.net
Fri Sep 8 18:18:20 CEST 2006

Last month, when Verse was merged, I brought up this error.
There is discussion on both the bf-committer's list and the verse
developer's list on the matter. 
In a nutshell, at the heart of Verse is the assumption that MAX_FLOAT is the
same across platforms, which it is not. The value is used in the network
data stream to signal exceptional conditions. By changing it, you have only
ensured that your Windows Verse build will not communicate with a Linux, Or
Mac Verse build. A fix being debated among the Verse developers is to
replace the use of MAX_FLOAT with NAN.

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Working on the CMake builds I included Verse on a Visual Studio 2005
build. I received the following types of errors:

b:\blender\extern\verse\dist\v_gen_pack_g_node.c(239) : error C2177:
constant too big

The patch included seems to fix it although I am not sure if the MS
compiler is wrong on this. The maximum for float is supposed to be
that value. Any thoughts?


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