[Bf-committers] Texture Paint brush's

Campbell Barton cbarton at metavr.com
Fri Sep 8 03:56:53 CEST 2006

Hey Brecht,

Got to hear the texture update is in the works (texture offset)..

Just released an early version of the python script.

it dosnt do anything to work out occluded faces at the moment- just has 
a distance measurement function to make sure distant faces aren't 
affected  (will probably add backfacing faces also)

Interesting to see how modo does it.

- Cam

Brecht Van Lommel wrote:
> Hey Campbell,
> Campbell Barton wrote:
>> Hey Brecht.
>> Was just looking at the new brush tool, (nice work, so much faster)
>> If you press "F" fakeuser button, it enables the meshes fake user.
> Fixed in cvs now.
>> One thing that would be realy nice is to use a texture brush, and 
>> have the mouse intersection point as the input to offset the texture 
>> coords, because at the moment the same texture is being repeated. 
>> (would be best as an option)
> There's code for such a feature already, with partial updates to the 
> texture
> pixels as the brush moves to keep it fast, just not enabled, needs some
> finishing touches.
>> Related topic, Im experementing with a  decal projection script
>> http://members.iinet.net.au/%7Ecpbarton/test.png
>> http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=76937
>> if the paint tool could project the brush texture onto the mesh's 
>> image, rather then finding the point of mouse intersection   and then 
>> painting in 2d- It would remove the need for the above python script.
> Yeah, projection painting would be neat of course, you're not exactly the
> first one asking for that :).
> The hard part seems detecting which pixels are visible, did you get 
> that to
> work, or are you just discarding based on the normal? One option is to 
> use
> a shadow mapping technique, but that has aliasing and rounding issues.
> Though at least bodypaint and modo seem to do that, and suffer from the
> same issues, so maybe it's acceptable.
> Brecht.
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