[Bf-committers] how complete should translations be before inclusion?

olivier.saraja at free.fr olivier.saraja at free.fr
Wed Sep 6 11:21:59 CEST 2006

Selon Tom M <letterrip at gmail.com>:
> how complete should a translation of a .po file be before we decide to
> include it?
> 20% 50% 80% ?

hey Tom,

I'm not sure this question should really be answered (or not acccording the
numeric approach). I'll take the french example:
* a fully translated blender would lead to buttons unreadable, because french
words are sometimes way longer than english ones, and sometimes, an english
word needs more than one word to be explicit after translation. In this case, I
believe that a part of the buttons (especially the small ones) should stay in
* some technical words are better understood in english than in french, at least
from people who has a 3D experience, mos of the time as a professional. In this
case, I believe that a part of the buttons should stay in english. A full
translation would be OK for total n00bs in the field of 3D rendering, and in
this case they will have troubles with the GUI translated mismatching the
tutorials available in many tongues on the internet.

>From my point of view, Blender should remain 90%-100% in english tongue
(concerning the GUI). Although, 100% of the tool tips (those who appear when
the mouse cursor hovers above a button, for example) should be translated, yes.

I know I offer no answer to your questions, and please excuse me if all of this
has already been debated in the past. I guess some french fellows will also
share their point of view, on top of mine.


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