[Bf-committers] Border zoom patch

Ben Stabler ben at half-dome.net
Fri Oct 27 22:21:25 CEST 2006


Have you seen this done before on 3D apps? I've seen it on 2D programs, but
never 3D... Not to say that 3D programs with this don't exist.

If you have, how does it work with big and small objects? If you scale
everything in your scene up, does it zoom in by the same amount? The same
percentage? Does it ever zoom through an object? If you zoom with your
cursor just to the side of an object, does it zoom faster than if you cursor
is over the object?

Just trying to get a feel for how someone else might have implemented it...


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Woa.. very involved .. All I know is that I have never seen this slow
to a stop behaviour in any other app. Be it good or bad I can zoom
"dolly" to infinity. And in blender if I postion the cursor  past the
object I can replicate that behaviour just fine.

But hey,, it's up to you to deside if you want to change it, I can
only give a users option idea
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