[Bf-committers] Border zoom patch

Ben Stabler ben at half-dome.net
Tue Oct 24 11:53:41 CEST 2006

Martin re: perspective

Yes, that is one of the things I was a bit worried about, as for example if
the user tries to zoom into an object but the focal point of the viewpoint
is far behind the object than they may miss. It's impossible to set the
focal point by positioning the mouse cursor, as the screen is 2d, unless the
code does a depth check on the object under the cursor, which could lead to
problems (eg. The user wants to zoom to an object far behind a
semi-transparent plane). The stance I was going to take is that currently,
if you are in perspective mode and there's an object in the center of the
screen, it is possible to zoom past it assuming the focal point is far
beyond it, so the new cursor zoom would be no different.

Am I taking the right approach? The border zoom patch can have the same
affect in some circumstances, could someone test it and comment?

Also, on a somewhat unrelated note, have I done the right thing in the
border zoom buttons patch, where the button disappears when you are in
camera mode? I thought this was a bit of a hack, but I was wondering if
someone could comment on how it should be done.


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--- Ben Stabler <ben at half-dome.net> wrote:

> Hi,
> My next project is going to be zoom to cursor, I
> thought I'd do the border
> zoom first (because it's easier). I'm planning on
> adding an option to the
> header buttons, so first I need to learn how to do
> that...
> The way I was planning to implement zoom to cursor
> was slightly different,
> in that the cursor would stay in the same relative
> place on the screen and
> the scene would zoom around it. This is different to
> the video, because if
> you look at the video you see that the cursor is
> repositioned to the center
> of the screen. What are your thoughts on this?

Just a slight warning regarding an offcenter zoom,
you'll have to be very careful with how you deal with


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