[Bf-committers] Bullet physics plans/status/update

erwin at erwincoumans.com erwin at erwincoumans.com
Sun Oct 8 22:31:57 CEST 2006


I've been busy refactoring and improving Bullet for version 2, based on 
feedback from developers. This required a lot of changes, all files have a 
bt-prefix, files moved to a different folder and so on. 

I plan to add Bullet 2 in blender/extern/bullet2, next to the current 
Bullet. This will be just the core sources, without demos, and other 
unnecessary files. Then I plan on providing a C-API, and integrate this in 
Blender. Once all platforms compile/link against the new version 2, we can 
remove the older obsolete version (blender/extern/bullet). 

 From that point, we can use Bullet outside of the game engine using the 
C-API, and work on adding UI for constraints, keyframe baking etc. 


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