[Bf-committers] Re: [Bf-blender-cvs] CVS commit: blender/source/blender/include BIF_editmesh.h blender/source/blender/python/api2_2x meshPrimitive.c meshPrimitive.h Mesh.c blender/source/blender/src editmesh_add.c blender/source/blender/python/api2_2x/doc MeshPrimitives.py

Ken Hughes khughes at pacific.edu
Thu May 25 19:52:58 CEST 2006

Alexander Ewering wrote:
> On Thu, 25 May 2006, Ken Hughes wrote:
>>  Fulfilling a very old feature request: a new Mesh Primitives module is
> BTW: This is of course no criticism on your work - you are actually going
> in the right direction with this :) It just struck me now when I saw the 
> example code how complicated it is to
> do something as simple as adding an object (from a user's perspective - and
> that's what the API is for)...
> Probably off-topic here though...

No, it's been brought up before as a project (too bad nobody jumped on 
it for SoC, but oh well).  There needs to be a "simple" interface on top 
of the Python API to do common things like this.  It's not hard to write 
a Python script that does this for you, which could then be included as 
"from Blender.Simple import *" or something.   But someone has to take 
the time to sit down and either code it or at least code what that API 
needs so somebody else can code it.  Believe it or not, I don't write 
lots of scripts in python -- certainly not as many as others so -- so 
I'm not the best person to figure out what should go into the API.


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