[Bf-committers] Sun Grid Renderer?

Branan Riley branan at gmail.com
Fri May 19 16:16:33 CEST 2006

There's a competition to write "cool apps" for the Sun Grid compute system.
I was thinking that maybe writing a blender-compatible distributed renderer
would be a worthy submission. The prize money could be used for purchasing
time on the Grid for the community. 1st place is $15000, two runners up get
$5000. And at $1 a cpu-hour, that's a lot of time available. I know this is
kind of right in the middle of Blender's dev cycle, but if anyone's
interested, I'll start trying to figure out how blender's renderer actually

I'm thinking that all of the physics and such can be left out, as well as
IPO-based animation... Basically require that everything is baked into
frame-by-frame stuff before it's sent out, especially since the deadline is
August. Any coding that can be skipped is always good.

Ton, if there is interest in this, is there any chance you could do a small
write-up on how the renderer works? It's not exactly light reading.

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