[Bf-committers] FFMPEG status

Gabriel Beloin gbeloin at netrevolution.com
Thu May 18 20:15:52 CEST 2006

Follow up on Peter Schlaile's job. I've beend able to produce a 6 minute 
video in sequencer in mpeg2 with multi-kind source file like AVI codec 
and DV, Audio files like WAV, OGG and MP3 using a FFMPEG enabled build 
on windows using mingw.
I must say that it was highly buggy, but the kind of bug appening 
randomly at playback. Usually a reload (I saved after each move) is 
enought to fix. Ton corrected the crash on strip duplication with 
effect, which I saw once.
Now to get to the point The i/o of FFMPEG is still unstable, the 
interface too doesn't work so well (i.e. presets don't apply). I got 
often a crash at playback at the end of an MP3 stip too.
Also the fact that it must be compiled in mingw leave a big problem for 

So out of curiosity is FFMPEG still a feasible goal for a near release?

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