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Gilbert, Joseph T. jgilbert at tigr.ORG
Wed May 17 16:44:20 CEST 2006

>From wikipedia: :)

Visual C++ 6.0, which includes MFC 6.0 (released in 1998), was (and
still is) widely used for large and small projects.

Visual C++ .NET 2002, which includes MFC 7.0 (known also as Visual C++
7.0), was released in 2002 with support for link time code generation
and debugging runtime checks. This version also included managed
extensions to the C++ language, as well as a new user interface (shared
with Visual Basic and Visual C#), which is a primary reason why Visual
C++ 6.0 is still in wide use.

Visual C++ .NET 2003, which includes MFC 7.1 (known also as Visual C++
7.1), was released in 2003 and was a major upgrade to Visual C++ .NET

Visual C++ 2005, which includes MFC 8.0 (known also as Visual C++ 8.0),
which was released in November of 2005. This version also introduced
support for the C++/CLI language. It is currently the latest release.

(It looks like the droped the .NET desigination on vc8 - even though it
uses .NET - maybe they want to hide it?)

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Is .NET the same as vc 7?  Sorry, I am somewhat new to VC - I usually 
use either KDevelop or CodeBlocks.


Gilbert, Joseph T. wrote:

>If your using msvc 7 make sure you have the proper folder hierarchy.
>C:\blender (from CVS)
>C:\lib\windows (from CVS)
>C:\lib\windows\QTDevWin (the quicktime 6 sdk)
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>Hello All -
>I am trying to get the project files working to compile correctly under

>MS VCPP .NET, and I seem to be having troubles with libraries not being

>found.  After correcting individual projects to point to the correct 
>library paths, they seem to work ok, but I was just wondering if anyone

>else had this trouble.  Perhaps I am using incorrect project files, or 
>do I need to go through and modify individual project files before 
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