[Bf-committers] Python: Blender.sys-functions

uaraus-elysiun at yahoo.it uaraus-elysiun at yahoo.it
Wed May 17 09:14:17 CEST 2006

Hi all.
having little trouble with python scripting.
I gave a run to the following silly sample code, finding that
Blender.sys-functions could not deal with long path names.

--start code block
import Blender
import os

pname = "/abcdefghij" * 100
pname = pname + "/probe.txt"
print pname

print Blender.sys.splitext(pname)
#print os.path.splitext(pname)
--end code block

Sometimes (string multiplier up to about 20-30) they give back a
Runtime error, and that could be absolutely ok (but I could not find in
the 2.41 epydoc how much is the limit for path length).

Sometimes it returns garbage (string multiplier up to about 40-50) and
leave blender in an unstable state.

Sometimes (form 100 onward) direct blender crash.

WinXP - 2.41 no CVS
All of the above do not happen with os.path-functions (just to have a
reference, not asserting these are better).

Don't know if this could be a bug or the bug is in my own brain ...
so disturbing here.
Hi again and thank in advance.



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