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Jonathan jonbones at gmail.com
Thu May 4 02:03:58 CEST 2006

For a GSOC project, I've been considering one of three projects for blender:

1. A new mesh/animation tool that would permit morphing from one mostly
arbitrary mesh (or part of a mesh) into another mesh mostly arbitrary mesh
(or part of a mesh.) I have a demo program that does some of this- for
I can morph a the low polygon doggy model from the blender repository into
a cube and visa versa. Honestly, the algorithm isn't fully tested and still
some final touches so there is still some risk that the algorithm won't work
well to
be usable.

2. Try to develop a full non-photorealistic rendering engine that can
do cartoon, painterly, and various pencil sketching renderings. I'm still
researching what would be involved. Right now I believe it would be
into silhouette control and generation, tone shading, and texture fill-in
particles. This might involve some particle system improvements too.

3. Implement easier controls for hair styles and possibly some simulation
hair deformation. I skimmed through some of the paper on the competitive
analysis wiki page. This one I'm still working out what the goal will look
Some preliminary ideas involve different hair guide shapes like points  and
types of field around curves.

I'm not sure which one of these to focus on since I like all three.
I think I can write up proposals for two of them and do a good job.
Any pointers toward which ones sound most viable for a summer
project or other comments would be appreciated.

I'm an independent inventor attending school for a MBA. My technical
includes a degree in computer engineering with a minor in physics. A number
my projects (tied to inventions of mine) involving microcontrollers, image
(for instance, video segmentation and video space-time completion,) and
volumetric displays
I'm familiar with computer graphics (I spent way too much time writing my
own game
engines when I was younger) and blender with a very cursory knowledge of
blender's source code

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