[Bf-committers] CrystalBlend SoC project

Scott Johnson scottj at cs.und.edu
Mon May 1 23:19:40 CEST 2006

Hi Jorrit:

I was wondering if you had any specific projects in mind that needed to 
be developed with CrystalBlend.  I saw that you were participating in 
SOC this year, but I was a little intimidated since I have never worked 
with the project before.  I am currently a graduating senior in Computer 
Science at the University of North Dakota, I will be going into a PhD 
program at the University of Minnesota this coming fall, specializing in 
Computer Graphics. 

I have worked with several graphics engines over the years, and have 
quite a bit of experience with OpenGL (including OpenGL 2.0 and the 
GLSL), as well as almost 10 years experience coding in C/C++.  I have 
worked on implementing several graphics algorithms (including a shading 
model which takes after the Phong system).  I am interested in 
light/color interaction and shading with respect to 
refraction/iridescences.  I have done research in software 
engineering/OO design and development using UML. 

I guess what I wanted to know is if you are looking for someone like 
myself.  Like I said, I haven't worked with CrystalSpace before, but I 
am a quick learner, and could become acquainted with the code rather 
quickly.  I am eager to work with a graphics project in this years 
summer of code.  I would like to work with CrystalSpace, but I am unsure 
as to how to proceed, since I don't have a specific project in mind at 
this time. 

Thank you for your time,


Scott Johnson
Department of Computer Science
University of North Dakota
scottj at cs.und.edu
(701) 741-9338

Jorrit Tyberghein wrote:

> I'd like to notify people here that Crystal Space is participating in
> Google SoC this year and that one of the projects is CrystalBlend Lite
> (the standalone version that already works but is not complete yet).
> Greetings,
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