[Bf-committers] RE: RE: Renderfarm for single pictures (solved!)

Caronte elcreador at ono.com
Mon May 1 23:10:55 CEST 2006

image1, image2, image3...  everyone is the same image.

Nico (Caronte).

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On 01/05/06 22:28 +0200, Caronte wrote:
> It works now, but only the first image is rendered, if I change someting
> (i.e: colo of the object) and push Alt+P again, the rendered image is ever
> the same.
> Another thing:
> If you have a computer fater than other, one need to wait until the
> one is finished :(
> You need to send smallest jobs (instead of one for machine) to keep all
> machines working.
> I have a fast machine and a slow one and the render time takes longer than
> render with one machine.
> I like your program, but you need to solve some things first ;)

Ok, the new image is under a new name "rendered image.1" or "rendered
image.2" etc... take a look at the list of images. I don't know how to
replace the old one so actually it's like that :P

Hmmm... sending smaller parts to weakest computers could be fun, but
it's a bit hard to predict since a small part can contains reflections
and the biggest one only environment, the smallest part will be much
harder (and slower) to compute... Maybe setting a "weight" to each
computer reflecting the ratio of the picture you have to send could be
fun, but sounds a bit "random" to me.

Actually it can only renders single pictures, If people find it useful
I'll work a bit harder on it, probably doing a small gui reporting the
evolution og the renders. For movie rendering there is DrQueue
(http://www.drqueue.org/), I just filled a hole (I found nothing to
split a single image render). Is there some drawbacks using DrQueue for
animations ?


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