[Bf-committers] Menu Names

Campbell Barton cbarton at metavr.com
Tue Jan 31 05:42:48 CET 2006

Hi, every now and then menu names seem a bit vague or meaningless...

Is there any problem with renaming mwnu items (docs need changing... 

Here are 2 examples of items that can be renamed.
Mesh Specials
.... Smooth > Smooth Geometry
....Set Smooth > Set Faces Smooth
....Set Solid > Set Faces Solid

The UV manu is the worst :) A friend of mine who has been in the 3d 
industry for years commented that the names didnt make much sense.

...Cube    >   Cube Projection
...Cylinder    >    Cylindrical View Projection
...Sphere    >    Spherical View Projection
...LSCM    >    LSCM Unwrap
...Bounds to 1/8    >   View Project to UV Bounds 1/8
..........same for 1/4 1/2... etc
...Standard 1/8  >   Default UV coords 1/8
.........same for others
...From View    >   View Projection

Rationale for changes
- The word View shows that calculating the coords is based on the 
current 3d view.
- LSCM isnt somthing most people would have heard of, even 3d artists 
who have not used blender. Include the work unwrap so people know what 
it is.
- Bounds 1/1 means almost nothing.. This a view projection stretches to 
the UV bounds. having the word project is important./
- From window? do what from window.... again, this is a projection.

In some cases the names may be a bit long and cold be shortened...
- Cam

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