[Bf-committers] build system questions

Chris Want cwant at ualberta.ca
Mon Jan 30 02:20:52 CET 2006

Tom M wrote:
> We currently have a folder gcc in lib/windows
> this folder contains duplicates of the folders found in lib windows
> but compiled with gcc instead of with msvc.
> However it appears that none of the build systems use the gcc versions
> (ie scons and make files on cygwin both appear to be using lib/windows
> folder instead of lib/windows/gcc )
> So... should the gcc build systems be using the gcc versions?
> LetterRip

Are you sure about that?

thinkatron{cwant}~/blender/bf-blender/blender$ grep gcc 
     export NAN_SOLID ?= $(LCGDIR)/gcc/solid
     export NAN_QHULL ?= $(LCGDIR)/gcc/qhull
       export NAN_FTGL ?= $(LCGDIR)/gcc/ftgl
         export NAN_OPENEXR ?= $(LCGDIR)/gcc/openexr
       export NAN_FREETYPE ?= $(LCGDIR)/gcc/freetype
       export NAN_ODE ?= $(LCGDIR)/gcc/ode
           export NAN_SDL ?= $(LCGDIR)/gcc/sdl


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