[Bf-committers] Re: [Bf-blender-cvs] CVS commit: blender/projectfiles/blender/blenkernel BKE_blenkernel.dsp blender/projectfiles/blender/imbuf BL_imbuf.dsp blender/projectfiles/blender/src BL_src.dsp blender/projectfiles/blender blender.dsw blender/projectfiles/blender/blenlib BLI_blenlib.dsp blender/projectfiles/blender/BPY_python BPY_python.dsp ...

Chris Want cwant at ualberta.ca
Thu Jan 26 23:16:30 CET 2006

Jens Ole Wund (bjornmose) wrote:
> bjornmose (Jens Ole Wund(bjornmose)) 2006/01/26 23:03:26 CET
>   Log:
>   doing MSCV6 project woodoo ( preparing orange --> bf migration )
>   NOTE to Ton and Hos
>   PLEASE do not try to merge any ot the MSVC6 project files (*.dsw ,*dsp)
>   I have a plan to get it done with a minimum of pain
>   thanks
>   ole

Hi Jens,

Merging will be enough of a pain without having
to watch out for individual files. What I would
recommend is that you make a backup of this stuff
before Friday afternoon (I might try to get a head
start on some of this on Friday evening).

Actually, I would recommend all developers make
a backup of their work (CVS will be tagged so that
work isn't permanently lost, but it's always
better to be safe than sorry).


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