[Bf-committers] Increasing groupe name size

Brecht Van Lommel brechtvanlommel at pandora.be
Thu Jan 26 15:21:37 CET 2006


bmx007 wrote:
>     I have only taken a quick peek, but I expect the size limit on vertex
>     group names is the same size limit for the names of ALL object types.
>     Everything "inherits" from the ID type, including the name field.  
> no it's a char[32] in the bDeformGroup struct.
>     (For
>     vertex groups, it's hard-coded in several other spots.)
> I saw these several spots  (4 ou 5).
> My question wasn't if it's hard or, not (that's my problem) but if 
> there's a chance if i do it ,to commit it
> (or if there a good reason to limite size, like memory comsuption , etc ...)

Vertex groups don't inherit an ID type, they are not datablocks, and changing
their size wouldn't require changing much. Memory consumption isn't really
a problem either. But by allowing longer names you're breaking forward
compatibility: older blender versions will crash on those long names.

I agree length 32 is a bit limited for names, but I'm not sure if a very specific
hack is worth breaking compatibility for.


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