[Bf-committers] Separating the Game Engine: Plugin, Collada, Game Logic Authoring

Erwin Coumans erwin at erwincoumans.com
Thu Jan 26 06:50:58 CET 2006


This topic has been discussed several times, and it is time to work towards 
a plugin mechanism. I just wanted to share my thoughts, before I forget 

Game Engine as a Plugin:
- Preferably a method that keeps most of the Game Engine in a plugin 
Blender can load this plugin. The API for the plugin should allow for 
Ketsji, and also for CrystalSpace. This plugin should still be able to 
render in one of the Blender viewports, by exchanging the information for 
the 2D canvas. I will work on all the details, in discussion with Jorrit.

- decouple the game engine, and add some very nice features in the decoupled 
(Ketsji) engine, so people are encouraged to keep following the project. 
Vehicle support for example.

Collada format support (I got my reasons for this ;-).
- introduce Collada loader for game engine. Collada supports graphics, 
physics, shader (FX).
- think of a way to express the logic in Collada.

Game Logic Authoring:
This is very game engine specific. It would be great if a plugin also could 
add an 'extra' viewport with logic editing features, specific to that game 
engine. Technically such UI could be done in Blender Python, but I'm not 
familiar enough with that part, and my priorities are elsewhere.

Enabling for alternative Game Engines through this new Plugin system should 
go together with alternative logic authoring system. Or otherwise the logic 
still needs to be authored externally.

With a bit of luck, I can allocate some spare time in the coming months for 

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