[Bf-committers] Cumulative sequencer patch, Renderpatch

Peter Schlaile peter at schlaile.de
Tue Jan 24 14:43:14 CET 2006


> On Monday 23 January 2006 22:48, Peter Schlaile wrote:
> >   * vfapi-plugin in release/windows/contrib to connect TMPGenc to the
> >     frameserver. And yes, TMPGenc runs perfectly in wine nowadays.
> we obviously wont depend on Wine, but can use other existing solutions on
> other platforms. some ffmpeg using systems use FIFOs on posix systems.

My patch does not depend on wine. It enables the blender renderer to
send the rendered frames over an internal webserver. This is definitely
the most flexible solution. It enables seeking as well as the possibility
to extend it to audio multiplexing.

The vf-api plugin is placed below windows/contrib, since I do not want
to force anyone to use it. It is an example of connecting to the
blender frameserver - nothing more - nothing less. The plugin even doesn't
depend on wine or TMPGenc or anything. It is a standalone dll, you can
just compile it with mingw / vc++.

If you read the vfapi interface carefully, you will notice, that it can't
be accomplished with pipes. (vfapi requires seeking - and definitely
needs it. TMPGenc uses this feature to automatically test fieldordering.)

ffmpeg-rendering is handled internally (not with pipes). And that's a good
thing for autosplitting and multiplexing by the way.

I mentioned wine, since I used TMPGenc running in wine on the same
machine running blender with Linux! You can also run blender on one
machine and TMPGenc (or VirtualDub) on another machine! This is because
many people ask on the web, if there is anything like TMPGenc on Linux and
simply do not simply run wine and have fun.

If there are any other problems, feel free to ask.


Peter Schlaile

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