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Ton Roosendaal ton at blender.org
Tue Jan 24 12:02:18 CET 2006


I've added the preview window just a couple of days ago, mostly to test  
and demonstrate the new render API. In the course of coming  
weeks/months this option will become much more refined.

I do realize the lack of (design) docs on this feature only invokes  
loadsa questions. :)
So here's a couple of notes:

- Tiles render can be done in any order already. The threaded render  
option shows this (renders from center tile to outside tiles). This  
ordering needs a bit fine tuning still, finding out which options are  
useful to present in the UI. Also for optimal speed.

- And of course; it can detect where the mouse position is too, to  
render that tile first

- Currently I don't store which tiles were already done while you  
interrupt the render. That will be added yes. I need to refine the  
whole previewrender API for it further.

- Same goes for options to only re-render a single material. It's in  
the design specs, but not implemented yet

- Same goes for inserting a new object, removing objects, or updating  
objects (like for displacement). It's in the specs. :)

You can imagine this option isn't easy to get in control, a whole new  
class of dependencies arise here... the UI allows an incredible amount  
of actions, which all should be somehow signalled to the preview  
At this moment, the best use is just a replacement of the F12/ESC cycle  
while finetuning lights and materials, or while advancing frames. It's  
also a very good alternative for setting render borders.


On 24 Jan, 2006, at 4:44, trip somewhere wrote:

> great as always dude.
> One comment, is it to late to add or change the behaviour of the
> preview window?
> It is great to have it auto render but it kinda misses the use if you
> still have to wait till it tile renders from the bottom up. Instead a
> full image as a pass like a pixelated image coming into focus with
> each pass would be of great faster use when checking lighting on a
> whole scene and adjusting lights, or even a fast AO test pass to see
> if the objects in question are to bright, or shadows being cast,,,
> I think that explains it as best as I can think of
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