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Campbell Barton cbarton at metavr.com
Tue Jan 24 10:14:01 CET 2006

Jean Montambeault wrote:
> Alexander Ewering a écrit :
>> On Mon, 23 Jan 2006, trip somewhere wrote:
>>> great as always dude.
>>> One comment, is it to late to add or change the behaviour of the
>>> preview window?
>>> It is great to have it auto render but it kinda misses the use if you
>>> still have to wait till it tile renders from the bottom up. Instead a
>>> full image as a pass like a pixelated image coming into focus with
>> While I'm surprised to agree with him, I do think he has a point here 
>> ;-) I always
>> wanted the renderer to render every 16th/8th/4th scanline and shift the
>> offset to the next 'half' after each "full" image so it would have
>> progressive GIF qualities. I assume with the render recode, this 
>> would be
>> trivial to do.
> What of getting ready for bucketing then : your suggestion would mean 
> that there would be two different systems for rendering wouldn't it ?
> I'm no expers but...
Logical problem...
This isnt a blocker AFAIK but it might complicate things when rendering 
lower resolutions- The new renderer should be able to re-render 1 
material only, (real displacement could complicate things here)
So these resolution passes would need to render at a lower res but 
ignore spesific samples if they fell in the area of the alredy rendred 
could still probably be done-
comments rendermonkeys?
- Cam

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