[Bf-committers] yafray appears to have lost its domain

Jean Montambeault iaminnocent at videotron.ca
Tue Jan 24 08:51:11 CET 2006

Alexander Ewering a écrit :
> On Mon, 23 Jan 2006, Tom M wrote:
>>> My registrar sends me *3* warning e-mails, the first once 4 weeks 
>>> before
>>> deletion of the domain. If you don't even manage to keep your domain
>>> registrations up-to-date, how much can one expect from your 
>>> software? ;-)
>> Alas all registrars are not created equal, apparently cheaper ones
>> don't give any notice, nor any grace period...
> I see... then I must have been pretty lucky with mine, although I 
> remember
> it being one of the cheapest when I started using it... Losing one of my
> domains would pretty much mean death to my business, so I'm pretty amazed
> that this happens to others and people are not even surprised ;-)
Guess what ? *They're not in buisiness ! They volunteer their work and 
they're having fun !
Hopefully you are too : I know I am right now :P
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