[Bf-committers] Preview mode and new use of P key

Mal mal at candomultimedia.com
Tue Jan 24 00:41:45 CET 2006

Hi there Ton,

Great work on all the new rendering code, it sounds great!

Just a quick question... I noticed this in the notes in the CVS commit...

3D Preview render
  - new; press Pkey in 3d window, for a panel that continuously renders
    (pkey is for games, i know... but we dont do that in orange now!)

I'm hoping that assigning the GE P key is only a temporary measure!

And also that "but we dont do that in orange now!" doesn't mean that the 
game engine won't be included in the build when the branches are merged 
back together after 2.41.

With all the recent GE updates, it would be terrible news for it to 
loose the P key.  Especially with the GE being able to use Blender 
materials now, it might make more sense for the default playback in the 
GE when P is pressed ( and if no logic is applied ) to try to recreate a 
real-time preview.

Could you comment on these GE related issues?


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