[Bf-committers] Cumulative sequencer patch, Renderpatch

Peter Schlaile peter at schlaile.de
Mon Jan 23 22:48:43 CET 2006

Hi everybody,

and again here comes a comulative patch for blender.


This time we get:

* Bugfixes for the previous patch addressing:
  * Big-Endian working
  * Duplication of hdaudio-tracks
  * Audio resample crash fixed
  * Color-Scatter-Plot rotated in the usual direction
  * Plots now have gray scale indicating density
  * Small button layout glitches fixed
  * MPEG-seeking improved a lot
  * IPOs working on hdaudio
  * IPO-Frame-Locking working on audio-tracks.

* New features:
  * ffmpeg-write support working (including audio multiplexing)
    Includes common presets (DVD, SVCD, etc.)
  * frameserver support (starts a small webserver to send arbitrary
    frames over the wire)
  * vfapi-plugin in release/windows/contrib to connect TMPGenc to the
    frameserver. And yes, TMPGenc runs perfectly in wine nowadays.
  * extended the sequencer-plugin interface, so that sequencer-plugins
    can have private data allocated per instance
  * used that feature to port the
    "dynamic noise reduction" VirtualDub plugin to blender (making it
    realtime by the way...)

* Bugs left:
  * MPEG-seeking does not always work. Apparently ffmpeg seeks using
    DTS which can happen to be the same for two different frames.
  * FFMPEG authors have humor. Under some circumstances the timecode
    encoded into the mpeg-stream is scaled by a factor of two. Doesn't
    make the stream unusable, just strange.
  * In frameserver-render mode, you can stop only by using a webbrowser.
    Sorry about this, but I simply haven't understood, how this whole
    escape-breek-signal-mumbo-chumbo works...
  * FFMPEG-preset selection has a redraw bug. You have to leave the
    window, before the values are displayed correctly.

* Features missing:
  * none. Just kidding.
  * FFMPeg-Audio-Render dialog misses some options to control
    Audio-Codec and Bitrate
  * Make the FFMPEG-Output dialogs scan the abilities of ffmpeg on the fly.

As usually:

Give it a try, make interesting movies. My two hour project is finally
finished using blender directly rendering over frameserver into a

If you make some great movie with it, just give me credit - always
wanted to read my name in the IMDB ;-)


Peter Schlaile

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