[Bf-committers] Orange material node docs

Jean Montambeault iaminnocent at videotron.ca
Thu Jan 19 11:14:25 CET 2006

Joe Eagar a écrit :
> Hi.  After some discussion I've volunteered and have begun writing dos 
> for the orange branch material nodes.  I do not, however, want to step 
> on someone else's effort.
That's great to have someone on the job _before_ the feature is 
officially release. Thank you.
> I talked to some people about it on IRC, but I thought I'd check to 
> see if anyone else has already taken this task upon himself.  The doc 
> will be tutorial-oriented from a completely user point of view, so I 
> won't be writing about the code user interfaces.
Maybe you did well to make your announcement in bf-committers but it 
might be more effective in bf-docboard.
Besides the mere fact that people there are naturally more incline to 
take an interest in your effort, they will help integrating its results 
in the official doc. For example, your work that already has an echo in 
the Reference section and should be integrated in the Material and 
Texture sections of the book.
> You can see the very first partial draft at 
> http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/Nodes_Tutorial .  Keep in mind 
> that this is a partial *first* draft not meant for actual public 
> consumption.  And even after its done I'll be updating it as new cvs 
> commit logs come in.
I'll hold back with the suggestions then : those are things you may find 
solutions for by yourself anyway. Nevertheless I suggest that you listen 
to those who will be generous enough to make them : it helped me a lot 
in the updating of the first part of Gus tutorial Part I.

Thanks for your work sir.


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